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Bin Abed is a quality-driven architectural and engineering firm based in Dubai. Founded by Bin Abed brothers, BA architects believes in design as a process. We research into creating a built environment that is adaptive and contextual. We see architecture as a language that speaks of the place. Our sensible, yet critical design approach recognizes the inherent complexity in modern day building and harnesses this complexity to produce projects that are culturally robust, place sensitive and environmentally friendly.

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Through analysis, planning, and design, we create inspired landscapes that reflect context and user needs.We create opportunities from complex physical constraints and help our clients achieve their unique project goals for the design, organization, and use of space. From concept development through construction drawings and implementation, we’re the source and facilitator of creative ideas that are economically viable and environmentally responsible.

Interior Design

Our design studio where design professionals collaborate to create interior design solutions that speak the language of volume, space, ligh and shadow. Timeless design, attention to detail and client satisfaction are our motivation and purpose.


Once the design is completed and approved, we move forward to construction. Our team of quantity surveyors will help you with choosing the optimal materials and finishes in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. On-site our experienced Project Managers will be present along with the contractors at all times throughout the construction period to make sure that the designs are carried out as planned.


Our team of highly-knowledgeable electrical & mechanical engineers will advise you on and recommend highly-efficient systems that meet your requirements. Our engineering services range from basic load calculations & breakdowns to highly-advanced green building compliance.


Our experiened structural engineers will study, analyze, and advise you on which structural systems to use. They will design the structure of the project starting from the enabling workds all the way to the superstructures. They will work witht the concept architects and design development architects to ensure that the most effective structural design is implemented.


From well-organized space plans to breathtaking facades, our team of highly talented architects has designed a variety of properties in Dubai. Our concept team will transform your requirements into space-efficient floor plans and 3D models that will undoubtedly stand out. Our highly-capable Design Development team will then detail these drawings, incorporating MEP systems and Structural Design, to present you with highly-comprehensive, ready-to-build working architectural drawings.

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